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Welcome to Alma Báltica 

If you believe in healing with nature - you are in the right place!

Alma Báltica is a family endeavor rooted in the belief that Mother Earth holds the key to almost every ailment known to humanity.

As a family of organic farmers, which includes a certified herbalist and naturopath, we specialize in crafting all-natural organic herbal remedies. Every herbal product we offer is lovingly handmade, ensuring the utmost care and attention to detail.

Sustainability has been ingrained in our way of life for generations. We have always grown our own food and harvested our own herbs, roots, and mushrooms for healing purposes. Our vast organic farm, nestled in the wild Baltic woods, serves as our sanctuary where we cultivate the most natural, rare, and healing plants.

Our home is where the magic happens. From chopping and drying to grinding and fermenting, we transform our bountiful produce into healing teas, powders, medicines, tinctures, extracts, and more! We pour our love and passion into every step of the process, upholding a tradition that has been cherished in our family for generations.

When you trust your health with us, you can rest assured that you're receiving the highest quality care. We home-grow our plants in our organic farm without the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or herbicides. Furthermore, we selectively harvest specific wild herbs, flowers, roots, buds, and mushrooms that are native to our region. This ensures their unparalleled purity and potency, as they thrive in an environment untouched by typical contaminants.

What sets our medicinal remedies apart is that we are our own suppliers. We don't have to rely on anyone else's herb quality or purity. Every step of our processes, from planting and growing to harvesting, drying, packaging, and shipping, is personally supervised by one of our own. This level of control guarantees that you receive 100% pure, natural, potent, and undiluted herbal products that nourish and protect you.

Trust Alma Báltica to be your companion on your journey to better health. Discover the power of nature's healing embrace with our range of over 100 products, including medicinal teas, tinctures, gemmotherapy extracts, herbal capsules, and superfood powders. We are committed to making a powerful and long-lasting positive impact on your well-being through our knowledge, experience, and understanding of the natural world and the incredible power that our medicinal plants hold.

Embrace the purity and potency of our handcrafted remedies and experience the difference that Alma Báltica can bring to your life.



 Alma Báltica sustainable farm



If you need any help or advice, we are here to support you, share our knowledge with you, and cater to your own specific needs.

And most importantly, thank you for dropping by & giving us a chance to help & serve you!


Trust your body's ability to heal itself. Nourish it widely!



 With love + gratitude,

  Inga, Nijole & Algis