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Pinus sylvestris sauvage (pollen de pin sylvestre)*, alcool* (*ingrédients biologiques)

Portion suggérée

Agiter avant chaque utilisation pour assurer une répartition uniforme.
Prendre 20 à 30 gouttes, 1 à 3 fois par jour avant les repas.
Laissez la teinture se dissoudre sous votre langue pendant au moins 60 secondes avant d'avaler. Si vous trouvez le goût trop fort, mélangez-le avec un peu d'eau et avalez-le à jeun pour les mêmes bienfaits.

AVANTAGES : Notre pollen de pin exclusivement récolté dans la nature provient de forêts vierges et sauvages de la Baltique. Nous cueillons soigneusement notre pollen à la main et le conservons dans de l'alcool biologique pour en faire un extrait liquide (teinture) - un liquide doré puissant rempli de bienfaits pour la santé. Les lots limités d'extrait de pollen de pin Alma Báltica présentent des avantages potentiels pour la santé :
➤ Anti-âge
➤ augmente les niveaux de testostérone
rehausseur d'humeur
santé immunitaire
niveaux hormonaux équilibrés (hommes+femmes)
santé de la peau
santé cardiovasculaire
anti-inflammatoire + antioxydant.
Le pollen de pin constitue un moyen naturel d’équilibrer les hormones et de réduire le risque de développer simultanément de nombreux problèmes de santé. Les hommes et les femmes peuvent trouver ce supplément comme un excellent ajout à leur santé hormonale. Le pollen de pin contient de la phyto-testostérone, un composé qui peut directement fournir de la testostérone au système endocrinien de l'organisme. Grâce à ce lien direct, le pollen de pin augmente le taux de testostérone assez rapidement par rapport à d'autres suppléments.

Portions par contenant :
• 66 portions (100 ml/3,4 fl. oz.)
• 40 portions (60 ml/2 fl. oz.)

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What are Tinctures

Notre promesse

Ce qui distingue nos plantes médicinales, c'est que nous contrôlons chaque étape du processus. Nous sommes nos propres fournisseurs, vous pouvez donc avoir confiance en la qualité et la pureté de nos produits. De la plantation et de la récolte à l’emballage et à l’expédition, nous veillons à ce que chaque étape réponde aux normes les plus élevées. Nos créations à base de plantes sont formulées par un herboriste et naturopathe certifié de notre famille, et notre établissement détient une certification active pour la licence d'alimentation au détail. De plus, nos herbes sont entièrement exemptes de pesticides, d'herbicides, d'engrais ou de tout autre produit chimique ou altération. Rassurez-vous, nous promettons de fournir des produits à base de plantes 100 % purs, naturels, puissants et non dilués, dédiés à nourrir votre bien-être.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Great for libido

This is a really good product. I take about 20 drops twice per day. The seller is easy to deal with and delivery is always prompt. Highly recommended..

In the last week I've started taking this...

In the last week I've started taking this pine pollen tincture and I'm hugely impressed with its effectiveness, I've taken other brands of pine pollen tinctures but this is by far the best and most potent and ordering it was simple and the delivery was as quick as it could have been and the customer service is top quality and like other reviews I have to say that Inga knows how to keep her customers happy a soulful lady who cares 🙏

I was informed of a justifiable delay in s...

I was informed of a justifiable delay in shipping within the next morning after the order, next day it was shipped as promised and had it delivered to me in sweden within the promised timespan. Fast and polite replies from the seller, and the product itself is great. I've taken 60 drops daily for 2 weeks and I feel a huge increase in drive and libido.

Die erste Bestellung hatte mich schon über...

Die erste Bestellung hatte mich schon überzeugt. Jetzt bin ich ein Stammkunde. Danke! Die Tinktur ist perfekt.

Die erste Bestellung hatte mich schon über...

Die erste Bestellung hatte mich schon überzeugt. Jetzt bin ich ein Stammkunde. Danke! Die Tinktur ist perfekt.

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Discover the 21st-century superfood that's revolutionizing men's health over 30 👀

Has life zapped your zest?

Rediscover your natural mojo, charm and boundless energy with the transformative power of Pine Pollen tincture. This ancient superfood,packed with phytoandrogens (plant hormones), helps restore the vitality and balance that time and stress can steal away.

Our wild-harvested Pine Pollen is pure, potent, and ready to reignite your inner fire.

Our Pine Pollen tinctures come in amber glass bottles equipped with dropper caps. These caps operate much like the droppers used for essential oils, enabling you to manage the drop release by tilting the bottle. This design is more reliable for international shipping, as it minimizes issues such as leaks that can occur with dropper pipettes. Moreover, using pipettes over time may lead to alcohol evaporation through the rubber components, potentially impacting the tinctures' shelf life. If you prefer, you can easily insert your own preferred dropper into our tincture bottles for added convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are tinctures?

Tinctures are a key component of traditional herbal medicine and have been around for millennia. They are a concentration of herbal extracts made by soaking specific plants in alcohol for few weeks. The alcohol extracts the active ingredients in the plant parts, concentrating them in liquid form. Alcohol-based tinctures have virtually unlimited shelf life if stored in a cool, dark place. Refrigeration is not necessary.

Why should I use tinctures?

Tinctures offer a concentrated herbal experience, providing higher doses of medicinal compounds than teas. They encompass a broader spectrum of medicinal compounds compared to teas, thanks to alcohol's superior extraction capabilities. Tinctures provide a convenient and efficient means of herbal consumption; no need for multiple cups of tea. Through the mucus glands in your mouth, tinctures offer swift absorption of medicinal compounds directly into your bloodstream. They're minimally processed, easy on digestion, and can initiate their effects within minutes, depending on the formulation. Tinctures bypass the digestive system, ensuring your body receives their benefits in seconds. When stored correctly, tinctures boast a long shelf life, lasting several years for your continued wellness.

Why is there alcohol listed in the ingredients?

Alcohol is essential to extract the medicianal properties out of the herbs. The dosage is typically 1-2/3ml of liquid and will not cause intoxication. 

How long can tinctures last?

All our products are packaged in amber glass to protect them from UV degradation. It is recommended to store them in a cool, dark place; there is no need to refrigerate. When stored properly, tinctures can last for 3-5 years or even longer.

How do I take tinctures?

Tinctures can be taken either by placing the liquid directly under the tongue and then swallowing it with water or by adding the liquid to a beverage like coffee, tea, juice, or water. Placing it under the tongue allows for faster absorption into the bloodstream, but both methods are equally effective.

Do I have to take tinctures under my tongue?

No, you don't have to. While placing a tincture directly under the tongue offers the fastest absorption into the bloodstream, we understand that it can be too sensitive for some individuals. If this method isn't suitable for you, feel free to add the liquid to a small glass of water or juice and drink it. The benefits will be the same with both methods.

Why do you ship your tinctures in the dropper caps?

Our tinctures are carefully packaged in amber glass bottles fitted with dropper caps. These caps function similar to essential oil droppers, allowing you to control the release of drops by tilting the bottle. Unlike dropper pipettes, which have proven less reliable during international shipping with issues like leaks. Additionally, we've observed that using pipettes over time can lead to alcohol evaporation, potentially affecting the longevity of our tinctures. If you prefer, you can easily insert your own preferred dropper into our tincture bottles for added convenience.

Do you grow your own herbs?

Absolutely! We cultivate our plants on our organic farm nestled in the Baltic woods. Here, we strictly avoid the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or herbicides. In addition to our homegrown herbs, we also handpick specific wild herbs, roots, buds, and mushrooms indigenous to our region. This ensures that you receive the purest gifts of nature, untouched by chemicals or human intervention.

How long does it take for the remedy to take effect?

Typically, we recommend allowing approximately 2-4 weeks of consistent use at the recommended dosage for noticeable effects. Please keep in mind that the timeline can vary depending on several factors, such as your individual health history, dietary habits, mindset, the specific plant(s) you're using, and more. Even if you don't observe immediate changes, rest assured that your body is undergoing an adaptation and response process. Patience is key, as some effects may take longer to become noticeable, while others might manifest more rapidly.

Are your products safe if I am taking prescription medication?

We always recommend consulting with your healthcare practitioner about the use of herbal medicine while on prescription medication for serious conditions. While some herbal medicine is deemed safe, some can cause contraindications.

Is there evidence backing the herbs you use in your products?

At Alma Báltica, we take great pride in our herbal formulations. Our approach involves a careful synthesis of time-honored herbal traditions with the latest findings from clinical research. When we create our products, we select medicinal plants and mushrooms that boast the most compelling evidence base available, ensuring the utmost quality and efficacy.

Where is Alma Báltica located?

We are based in Lithuania, nestled within the picturesque Baltic States region. It is here, on our organic farm, that we meticulously cultivate, handcraft, and ship our products to you worldwide.

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